Virtual Grooming Session $99 

Are you ready for a new hairstyle? Maybe you’ve had your current style for a while, and know it is time for a change. Maybe you are thinning and don’t know what to do. Maybe you just want to send me some current pictures, and let me do my thing of sending you suggestions to help you look your very best. Whatever the situation, I am here to help!

Upon purchasing the service, I will request two pictures: a front and side shot of your head. I will also want your input if you have a style in mind, or know what you’re looking for. Once I have the information I need, I will go to work and send you 10 to 15 hairstyles I think will not only compliment your face and personal style, but look incredible, too. All styles will work with your unique hair texture, thickness and hairline. After you review the photos and share your thoughts, we will choose “the style”. In addition, I will help you find a stylist, discuss hair products, facial hair options and grooming tools. The end result is you looking great and feeling sexy, my friend!