The truth is not all of us have the time or desire to go to the gym and pump iron or even sweat around the track.  The results are tempting.  Some women swoon at the sight of a muscular bicep.  Is there hope for us regular guys who would rather game than lift?

The answer is a very definite yes.

Think of it as faking it till you make it or better yet, like a push up bra that promises but even if it doesn’t deliver it really doesn’t matter all that much or even at all. So here are a few shortcuts to perceived rip-dom that can buy the appearance of short term bulk.

Your clothes.  Baggy and saggy just doesn’t cut it, especially at a club where ripped guys in t- shirts try to take control of the action.  Men’s Fitness Magazine says you can bolster your build by accentuating your waist.  A narrow waist enhances the appearance of your shoulders making them look broader- the proverbial shoulder to rely on or just to lie on.  Horizontal stripes will also make your shoulders look broader. If you aren’t into stripes consider a color blocked t-shirt with a darker color running shoulder to shoulder and the body of the shirt (preferably narrow at the waist) in a lighter contrasting color. Opt for a t-shirt that tapers at the waist.  Saggy is not your friend.

Men’s Health another pundit says you should ensure that the seams of your shirt line up to your shoulders. Consider the fabric. Heavier or textured can add bulk.  Denim does double duty with a vest. This will add brawn to your shoulders. Our advice is if it’s a cold night add a sweater with a zipper and slit pockets near the waist.   A jacket can be your best friend scrunch up the sleeves to balloon a bit at the shoulders.

Your skin.  Planning to get naked or half way naked? Pale and scrawny? Paunchy and pale? No way. Consider a spray tan.  A spray tan will lend definition and the appearance of brawny, toned or lean muscle. You may want to further define that tan with hair removal.  A swatch of hair in the wrong place can take away from the desired effect.

Carb loading.  According to Bro Science this works best if you abstain (yes abstain) from carbs for two days before carb loading.  Eat 4 grams of carbs per pound of body weight.  Avoid packing on the fat by eating sugars and white bread early in the day and having slow digesting carbs such as pasta, oatmeal and sweet potatoes.  This will have the effect of pumping up your muscles.

Hydrate. Yes, water somehow always seems to play a role in anything we do.  Hydration adds suppleness and depth and definition. Water makes your muscles look bigger. Water will also flush any retained water that causes swelling and deflation.

Quick pushups. Even immediate results requires some strategic planning. Leave some time before your date or event to do some pushups – do 2-3 sets with a 5 minute rest in between.  This will have an almost immediate effect on your shoulders, chest and arms, making them look bigger.

Confidence.  You are right, confidence is not a muscle but it appeals to her sexiest muscle – the brain.  We aren’t talking arrogance, egoism or obnoxiousness.  All of which will turn her off.  A quiet confidence will be beat brawn hands down any day Imagine the potent combination of a ripped body and confidence.

Your posture, your stance and your facial expression will project your confidence and let her know that when she’s with you, she’s with someone desirable.

Even if you are the only 90 pound bro in the room correct posture will help you project confidence, power and even accentuate what definition you have.  Your shoulders should be pulled back, relaxed and in line with your shoulders. Your back should be straight.  Your head should be high (bonus – if you have a double chin it will make your neck look longer.  Pay attention to your stance.  Take up space. Make your moves bold and broad. Let them know the world is yours. 

Finally smile.  Nothing is more powerful.