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5 Style Mistakes to Avoid This Spring

With Spring weather in full effect and Memorial Day weekend just around the corner, it’s time to switch up your wardrobe to embrace the season.  It’s time to ditch the dark colors, thick fabrics and heavy jackets.  However, without the protection of layers, a lot of guys lose their way with style.  Whether it’s a pair of ill-fitting shorts, a crazy mix of patterns or outdated choices, shedding that extra layer doesn’t always work in your favor.  You might be a style rule breaker and completely unaware of it.  If you need some guidance, start by avoiding these 5...

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The Secrets To Growing An Amazing Beard

You have your sights set on #beardgoals but it’s just not happening.  You envy those modern lumberjacks in your Instagram feed with their full Gandalf beards, all shiny and fluffy and long.  While those guys make it look easy, growing a beard is actually hard work.  You need products, tools, and, most important of all, patience.  The good news is you’ll get the beard of your dreams if you take a new approach.  The not-so-good news is that you’ll need time and a little extra dough. Moisturize Your Beard It’s surprising how many guys think growing a beard means...

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How To Get A Kiss On The Street (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

What up Invaders! In this video, I’m going to not only demonstrate exactly how to get a kiss on the street from a beautiful girl, but also explain how I do it step by step. Once you’ve finished watching the video, get out of the house and put the Invasion Method into action. Your only limitation is yourself! Good luck boys!...

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5 Proven Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Want to have more energy and strength? Looking to shed fat and build muscle faster? If so, it’s time to boost your T levels! Testosterone, the male hormone, plays a key role in muscle building, fat loss, and metabolism. It also regulates your energy levels and mood. As you age, your body begins to produce less testosterone. Smoking, alcohol consumption, bad eating, and stress accelerate this process. Even the slightest decline in testosterone levels may cause fatigue, loss of strength, weight gain, and depression. Before popping pills or trying hormone replacement therapy, try to naturally boost your T levels....

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How to Groom Your Eyebrows

Grooming Men’s Eyebrows Guys—eyes are the windows to the soul! Most girls will tell you, the first thing they notice about a guy are his eyes. Although we can’t change our eyes per se, we can change the way our eyes come across, especially as it relates to the eyebrows. Take a look at the following picture of your average guy, before and after he had his eyebrows groomed: What do you notice? It’s not a HUGE difference, but it is a subtle difference and believe me girls notice. In his after photo, he just looks more put together; while...

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