Dressing to impress is half the battle as a male today, as there’s always another guy trying to outdo one another to get the attention of an employer, a girl, or whoever it may be. But your outfit really is only that; half the battle. What about your personal hygiene and grooming? Many guys forget about the importance of grooming themselves. Just think about it, if you saw a girl from across the room who was wearing a really nice outfit, but was just completely ungroomed and dirty, what would you think of her? Exactly, why would you want to go after that? Don’t let the girls be thinking the same thing about you; make sure to incorporate these 6-simple grooming and hygiene tricks to make sure you are looking like the attractive guy you know you are.

Trim That Facial Hair – Alright guys, the cat’s out of the bag; girls are starting to like guys either clean cut or at least trimmed facial hair. No, I don’t mean shave off the whole beard if you don’t want, but making sure your facial hair is trimmed to a relatively short length is likely to help you look not only more presentable, but also more attractive to the ladies! Unless you are going for a more rugged look with the untamed beard, definitely trim that beard up.

Personal Hygiene (Face) – Cleaning your face?! You probably do that in the shower every day, right? Take some soap, rinse with some water and then you’re good to go; or so you would think. Actually, there’s more to it than that, as using hand and body soap is actually going to dry your skin out in the facial area, causing redness, dryness, or irritation that you won’t want to be dealing with. You’re going to have better luck investing in some facial cleanser which is made specifically for cleaning your face. Rinse it off with some warm water, and you’re good to go! Though, if this doesn’t quite do enough for you, there’s also other options such as oil control, and other similar products to take your facial cleansing to the next level. Make sure to do this twice a day; once when you wake up, once before you go to bed. This will help to keep your face healthy and fresh. Whether you want to add those extras in or not, make sure to invest in some good facial cleansers to keep that face clean and looking great.

Nose Hair – Something many don’t do enough of. There are plenty of products out there specifically meant for trimming nose hair, so invest in one! Nose hair is nasty, especially when you can see it growing out of the bottom of your nose. How do you think that looks for people you’re trying to impress? No one wants to be seen with someone that’s got nose hair flying out of your nostrils. Even if it’s something cheap from a local Walmart or drug store, invest in something that’s going to help keep that nose clean.

Hair Cuts – Unless you’re trying to grow your hair out to be really long, make sure you don’t go too long without getting a hair-cut. For guys that normally have shorter hair, don’t go any longer than a month or so (possibly even 3 weeks) without stopping in to see your barber. For guys with a little bit longer hair, don’t wait any longer than 6 weeks or so before stopping in. Keeping your hair cut to a nice length is going to help your style look up-to-date. If you have a particular barber that you love, make sure you stay with them. If not, find one! Once you have a barber you want to stay with, you’re going to want to schedule appointments with them in advance; that way you will make sure you stay with them and don’t end up going somewhere else instead. Doing this will help your grooming because they’ll really get to know exactly how you like your hair cut and leave you satisfied after every visit.

Manscape – I’m talking about all the area underneath your neck. No, this doesn’t mean you need to completely shave off everything from the neck down (though some certain spots you may want to do that), but you should at least keep your body hair trimmed. If you have a coat of hair covering that six pack you have or may be working for, or a load of chest hair, trim it up every now and then. No one wants to be the guy that has hair popping out of their collar when they throw on a shirt and tie, and quite frankly, no one wants to see that guy either. As far as particular spots on your body go, there are a few spots you’re going to want to really focus on. The first one is your back. There are actually products out there that will help you get rid of your back hair all on your own. Check out the Bakblade if you have back hair problems and don’t want to go for a wax or hair removal cream. The next one is, well, down below your stomach. This is an area you’re going to want to keep either heavily trimmed or completely shaven. I recommend completely shaven, as it’s going to pay off in the long run, especially when it comes to the ladies. Other than those areas, unless you work out a lot and want to shave the rest of your body to show off those massive muscles you may be working towards, a simple trim occasionally will suffice.

Foot Grooming – How many of you guys know you don’t clip those toenails up enough? Probably a lot, but it’s something that will be noticed as soon as someone looks at your feet. If it’s not the summer time, you’re going to be able to get away with going a little longer without clipping those toenails, but as soon as summer hits and you’re out strolling the streets or the beach with your sandals on, everyone is going to notice. Your best bet is to clip the toenails (and probably fingernails while you’re at it) once a week. This is going to give you a clean look to your feet, and it won’t go unnoticed. One more idea is to actually get a pedicure. It’s less girly than it sounds, and will really give your feet a fresh and clean look that people will notice when your feet are exposed.

Yes, dressing appropriately is important, but it’s only half the battle. Grooming is just as important in not only the working/business world, but also when you’re trying to impress the ladies; or maybe even just family and friends. It won’t go unnoticed, and will help to make you look fresh and attractive every single day. It will cost you a little extra money, but that’s going to be worth it in the long run. Try adding these 6 simple grooming tips in to your day-to-day life to see a huge improvement in your looks, and the looks that others will be giving you.