Okay, so what guy doesn’t like to rock his favorite pair of shoes? Maybe you’re dressing up for that important business meeting, or maybe you’re going out for a night with the boys trying to impress the ladies. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is you are dressing to impress, and you know it all starts with shoes. But now you’re running into a problem; I wear the same pair of shoes every time I go out! That’s why you’re here today reading this very article though, because you as a handsome guy know you need another pair of shoes to really take your outfit to the next level. Let’s dive in to what you can do with shoes to keep looking sharp.

Chelsea Boots – Some people love them; some people hate them. I tend to love them. Chelsea boots in my opinion are a great and versatile boot that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Now, there are certainly different styles of these boots, as there are with most shoes, that are made more for being dressed up or down more. A great website to check out for a great pair of affordable Chelsea boots is www.Thursdayboots.com. The great thing about Chelsea boots is that they are a functional boot as well, and during this Winter (soon turning into Spring) season, a pair of boots really is a must have for every guy. Both brown and black options are typically good choices for these boots, and I’ve seen both worn very successfully to interviews, meetings, etc., while I’ve also seen them worn amazing in terms of casual wear. That’s what makes a great shoe a great shoe. If you’re looking for a stylish boot for these seasons to bump up your outfit, the Chelsea boot is absolutely one you should consider.

Chukkas – While on the topic of boots, it’s hard not to mention Chukkas. One reason Chukkas are so popular is because they too can be worn both casually and professionally. It really all depends on the style of the boot. One of my favorite Chukka style boots is a dark brown suede style, actually also sold by Thursday Boots. Again though, depending on the brand and style you choose, there are countless possibilities. For something a little classier when you want to dress up, a good choice may be a leather Chukka, brown or black. Though again, say you chose a brown leather Chukka boot, that can easily be incorporated in a more casual outfit while still giving yourself a relatively classy look. If the Chelsea boot really wasn’t for you and you’re still looking for another boot to top off your wardrobe, the Chukka might just be for you.

Double Monk Strap – This shoe is one of my favorite shoes I own. The double monk strap shoe is a great shoe and can really bring your outfit from a 5 to a 10 really fast if worn right. The great thing about the double monk strap is how versatile it is. Get yourself a brown pair and you can pair them with a nice pair of dark wash jeans and dress up your outfit a little more, or even add them to an already dressy look to give it even more style. Get yourself a black pair and take your suit to the next level. The only real issue with these shoes is the price point (as is with a lot of nice shoes.) There are cheaper versions of this shoe available, though your best bet is to save up some money and buy a nicer pair. They’re going to last you longer, and look a whole lot nicer. If you’re in the market for a new pair of dress shoes that will add style to your outfit yet still be very versatile, you may just want to check on a pair of double monk straps.

Penny Loafer – It’s hard not to make a male shoe guide without adding in the penny loafer. An American classic, the penny loafer is a must have for any guy who wants to look nice. There are a lot of options in terms of the style of the shoe when it comes to penny loafers since it’s such a popular shoe. Obviously, it can be dressed up very easily; throw it on with a suit and you’re good to go. Luckily, like the double monk strap, it can still be worn with a more casual outfit to give it that extra style you may be looking for. If you’re looking to wear it with jeans, you really have the option to go with any color that you feel looks best with the outfit you’re wearing. Though black may be a little more formal in some cases, when paired with the right look and jeans, it can still give off a relatively casual feel. Some people even like to wear these with shorts to add a bit of style to the look. While a different pair of loafers may work more in your favor when paired with shorts, penny loafers can still be successfully worn with them. Your best bet is to probably be wearing a brown or suede pair though, as this will give you the more casual look. While the price range of these shoes can vary from a hundred dollars to nearly a thousand dollars, make sure you buy a pair of quality that will last. If you don’t have a pair of penny loafers in your arsenal, they really are a must have and something you should consider adding to your wardrobe.

Cap-Toe Oxford’s – While these shoes are more primarily meant for a dressier outfit, they are another must have for anyone who needs to look professional at some point. The Cap-Toe Oxford’s are a personal favorite when it comes to classic style. While you could certainly go with the plain toe option, the cap-toe adds a lot of style to the shoe and can touch up your outfit very subtly. These shoes are going to look best when paired with a dressy look, maybe a suit and tie, maybe a shirt and tie; you get the idea. Whether you decide to pick yourself up a pair of brown or black ones is up to you, but if these aren’t part of your shoe collection and you know you’re going to need to dress up anytime soon, you’re going to want to consider these.

Still clinging onto your favorite shoes? Hopefully not, because this list offers stylish shoes you should definitely consider if you don’t own. One thing to make sure of is that you’re getting a higher quality shoe before you spend your money. Not necessarily saying that cheap shoes aren’t good quality, but make sure that the shoes you spend your hard-earned cash on aren’t going to fall apart after a few weeks of wearing them. From shoes that are going to take your suit to the next level, to shoes that might just touch up your casual outfit and add that extra bit of style, this list can absolutely help you add that extra little bit of style to your outfit that you’ve been looking for.