Month: March 2017

How To Open Any Girl Part 2 (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Invaders! You’re going to love what I’ve got in store for you today! The second part to the secret opening video I posted yesterday (click here to watch that one first). I decided to shoot this video to show you guys that interacting and attracting women is literally effortless. Seriously guys, after you watch this second part I want you–YES YOU SITTING RIGHT THERE–to go out anywhere public (mall, beach, downtown, etc.) and approach 5 girls using the EXACT same lines I did.   Opening is all about confidence and attitude. Fuck the limiting beliefs that are holding you...

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How to Open Any Girl (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

What is opening? Opening is simply the initiation of a conversation with a girl. That’s it. An opener can be as simple as ‘hello’ or ‘what time is it?’. Most guys want to know what my secret opener is but the truth is, there’s not such thing. It’s not about what you say, but how you say it. In other words the vibe you’re opening with matters MUCH more than the exact content of what you said. Openers I like to use a lot are ones that presuppose an already established relationship such as “I love you” or “will you marry me?”. These openers quickly convey that you’re confident and that you’re interested in her–something girls find highly attractive. The way to get good quickly is simply just to do as many approaches as you can.  In the following video pay close attention to my body language as well as the girls’. Enjoy!...

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Instant Date: Same Day Make-Out Sex (VIDEO)

This video is an awesome undercover demonstration of how to approach a girl during the daytime and eventually take her home within an hour or two.  It’s pretty simple guys if you know the right techniques and put in some work at mastering it. See you guys soon...

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