Month: January 2017

5 Secrets To Nail That Kiss Every Time!

What up Invaders! Kissing is a fucking art form that every guy MUST master if he wants to be successful with women. Here’s the problem, 99% of guys have no clue what they’re doing in the kissing department, and wonder why they get friend-zoned soon thereafter. In my latest video on YouTube, “How To Kiss“, I covered 5 things that must be done every time in order to ensure that good kiss occurs. If you haven’t seen it, you’re going to want to watch it now and a few times before you go on that first date. You’ll thank me...

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How To Look Cut Even If You Aren’t Buff

The truth is not all of us have the time or desire to go to the gym and pump iron or even sweat around the track.  The results are tempting.  Some women swoon at the sight of a muscular bicep.  Is there hope for us regular guys who would rather game than lift? The answer is a very definite yes. Think of it as faking it till you make it or better yet, like a push up bra that promises but even if it doesn’t deliver it really doesn’t matter all that much or even at all. So here...

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5 Easy Ways To Match Your Tie To Your Shirt

Ever notice that a tie is um, somewhat phallic looking?  That heavy knot at the base of the collar leading to down to a long splash of color.  They don’t call a power tie – a power tie for nothing. The tie though, is a great accessory, it can add splash, dash and pizzazz to an otherwise dull combo.  It signals to others that you are someone to be reckoned with. What ordinary guys, who usually just toss their underwear on the floor have struggled with for generations is the challenge of matching a shirt to a tie. Seems...

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5 Must Have Shoes For Guys

Okay, so what guy doesn’t like to rock his favorite pair of shoes? Maybe you’re dressing up for that important business meeting, or maybe you’re going out for a night with the boys trying to impress the ladies. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is you are dressing to impress, and you know it all starts with shoes. But now you’re running into a problem; I wear the same pair of shoes every time I go out! That’s why you’re here today reading this very article though, because you as a handsome guy know you need another...

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6 Grooming Tips To Stay Looking Fresh

Dressing to impress is half the battle as a male today, as there’s always another guy trying to outdo one another to get the attention of an employer, a girl, or whoever it may be. But your outfit really is only that; half the battle. What about your personal hygiene and grooming? Many guys forget about the importance of grooming themselves. Just think about it, if you saw a girl from across the room who was wearing a really nice outfit, but was just completely ungroomed and dirty, what would you think of her? Exactly, why would you want...

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